Nutritional Information

A healthy diet is now so easy

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All our salads are made and delivered fresh daily making it so easy to maintain a healthy diet. For healthy lunch and dinner ideas all you need to do is browse through our menu – we’ve made sure to give you lots of inspiration for tasty, no-effort meals. We ensure that our scrummy salads are as low in fat and sodium as possible but do be aware that there may be traces of nuts or seeds across the range. A complete nutritional analysis is available for every dish. Just click on your favorites and look for the nutritional information tab!

Portion control for a healthy diet

Everyone’s appetite is different but as a general guide for a healthy diet; 200g is great for one serving, 400g perfect for two, 750g great for 3 or maybe 4, and a kilo is ideal for the family. For bigger groups, 3kg will serve 12 people, 6kg will serve 25 people, and 12kg will keep 50 people happy, healthy and satisfied. All you need to do is pop them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat.