Health Benefits

Healthy eating makes you feel great

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So what could be better than healthy food that’s ready to eat when you are? The way we see it, most people want to eat more healthily but it takes effort. It means shopping for the ingredients, preparing them and taking them to where you’ll be ready to eat. That’s not always easy with a busy lifestyle. So that’s where we come in.

Healthy food delivered to your door

Our healthy snacks and meals make is so easy to get all the great nutrition you need. Even better it’s cost-effective, utterly delicious and the right choice for you, your friends and your family – whether you’re looking for healthy lunch ideas, yummy (and healthy) snacks or delicious dinner accompaniments for the whole week!


Healthy food, ready when you are

Our tasty and nutritious meals and snacks take next to no effort to prepare – pop them out of the bag and they’re ready to eat. You can order in advance (they stay fresh in the fridge for at least 5 days) and you can order in bulk (for weddings, parties or corporate events). Now, eating well couldn’t be easier – with so many yummy options and more added all the time, healthy eating will never get boring! All you have to do is choose which delicious options you want this week!

 Store for 5 days