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Baccalaureate – a professional educational program of higher education. The Bachelor is the first level of higher education, preceding the Master’s degree. As part of the basic course of study in the master’s degree are studied disciplines chosen by the student.

In accordance with the educational standards of higher professional education the baccalaureate is divided into 4 main levels:

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Bachelor’s degree in Russia is one of the two levels of higher education (the second level is a specialist degree). Bachelors are awarded three qualifications:

Initially, after graduation from higher education, each graduate received a certificate of graduation from a higher education institution. Then, in accordance with the new educational standard of higher education, the list of those having the bachelor’s qualification was supplemented with different specialties, which the graduate is entitled to get according to the results of his future professional activity. Thus, those who have a bachelor’s degree in “Construction” specialty get the qualification of “civil engineer”, in “Architecture” specialty – “Architect”, in “Applied Informatics in Economics” specialty – “Engineering Informatics”, in “Economics” specialty – “Economist”. – profession “economist”.

According to the legislation, there are two options for determining the normative period of study in the baccalaureate. The first option is a fixed normative period of study on the basis of the state educational standard, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the notion of a normative period of study is not provided.

In the second option the normative for the Bachelor’s degree is 7 years, but only on the basis of a certain scheme of arrangement of disciplines of the Bachelor’s curriculum within one course. The criteria of this scheme are established by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Thus, according to the Russian educational standard the study under this scheme cannot last more than 7 years. Also according to this standard a student has to complete at least one semester (48 weeks) in the framework of his/her curriculum – full-time form of education – and at least 3 years (5 years) in case of part-time form of education.

Based on the results of training a graduate is assigned a qualification, which can only be one, and if the student does not receive a qualification, he or she has the right to move to the next stage of higher professional education to obtain additional educational programs. For example, this qualification cannot be obtained if the student transferred to the second year, returned to the third year, changed his/her mind and decided to stay for one more year in the first year.

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