Chia Pudding Cups Mixed 6 Pack | Raspberry & Tropical

Chia Pudding – Mixed carton | 6 pack

Chia Pudding – Mixed carton | 6 pack


Free from gluten, dairy & refined sugars.

Vegan friendly option for breakfast, snack or dessert.

Includes 3 x Raspberry Zing & 3x Tropical Passion chia pudding cups


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Product Ingredients

Includes a combination of Raspberry Zing and Tropical Passion Chia Pudding Cup flavours!

Raspberry Zing: Water, Raspberry puree, Chia seeds, Coconut cream powder, Natvia (stevia), Raspberry powder

Tropical Passion: Water, Chia seeds, Passionfruit pulp,  Coconut cream powder, Natvia (stevia), Passionfruit powder


gluten free | Dairy free | No added sugar | Preservative free | Vegan friendly | Convenient |  

Includes a combination of 3 x each Raspberry Zing and Tropical Passion Chia Cup flavours!

For those who can’t decide what they want to buy!

Chia Cups are a delicious, nutrient dense meal which is a great alternative to your typical breakfast foods for people on the go. A uniquely crafted blend of premium ingredients provides a nutritious energy boosting breakfast…made easy!

Price: $38.99

(This is for a carton of 6x 230g units – product not sold separately)

Raspberry Zing

Energy kj/100g:432
Protein g/100g:2.7
Total Fat g/100:8.0
Saturated Fat g/100:4.9
Total Carbohydrate g/100:8.2
Total Sugar g/100:4.1
Sodium mg/100:4

Tropical Passion

Energy kj/100g:446
Protein g/100g:2.8
Total Fat g/100:8.3
Saturated Fat g/100:5.1
Total Carbohydrate g/100:5.4
Total Sugar g/100:1.9
Sodium mg/100:5