Vege Noodles – Broccoli 250g

Vege Noodles – Broccoli 250g


Spiralised Broccoli Noodles – the perfect low carb replacement for your regular noodles. Use raw in salads, stir fries or cooked in place of noodles!



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Product Ingredients

Broccoli spiralised, that’s it! 6 day shelf life unopened and refrigerated.

Serving ideas
Use raw in salads and slaws. Add to stir fries
Use in place of regular noodles in any dish

How to Cook
1) Boiling Method: Place noodles into boiling water and simmer for 3-4 minutes, drain well and serve immediately. If adding sauce, pour heated sauce over warm noodles. Or toss gently with garlic butter

2)Saute Method: Sauté in a little butter & minced garlic 3 minutes over medium heat or until tender.



Energy kj/100g: 352
Protein g/100g: 2.2
Total Fat g/100: 3.7
Saturated Fat g/100: 0.3
Total Carbohydrate g/100: 8.3
Total Sugar g/100: 7.4
Sodium mg/100: 173

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