Tuna & Parmesan Filling Mix

Tuna & Parmesan Filling Mix


This mix is for all the seafood fans!

Save time in the kitchen with this delicious ready to fill mix.
Tuna chunks mixed up with red capsicum, spring onion, lemon, basil, sour cream mayo and a whole heap of parmesan cheeeeese!

Perfect for
-Sandwiches         -Filled rolls             -Pie fillings         -Pizza toppings      -Wraps      -Sushi     -Pastas


The options are endless!

1kg for approximately 4 sandwiches

Minimum 10 day shelf life unopened and refrigerated

1kg, GF & NF


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Product Ingredients

Tuna (34%) [Tuna (85%), Spring Water, Vegetable Broth(Contains Soy), Salt], Colby Cheese (17%) [Pasteurised Milk, Salt , Anti-Caking Agent (460), Cultures, Rennet], Dijon Mayonnaise Dressing (13%) [Water, Vegetable Oil (Canola (Antioxidant) (319)), Sugar, Egg Yolk, Spices, Salt, Acidity Regulator (260), White Wine Vinegar, Modified Starch (1442), Red Wine Vinegar, White Wine, Thickener (401, 412, 415), Preservative (202), Colour (150d)], Red Capsicum , Spring Onions, Parmesan Cheese (8%) [Pasteurised Milk, Salt , Rennet , Culture, Enzyme, Anti-Caking Agent (460), Preservative(200)], Sour Cream(Thickener (1422),Food Acid (270)), Lemon Juice, Dried Basil, Pepper


Allergen/Intolerance Information: Contains: Fish & Fish products, Egg products, Milk products, Soy derivatives and Sulphites.

Additional Information

Weight 1000 g
Energy kj/100g: 854
Protein g/100g: 16.4
Total Fat g/100: 13.4
Saturated Fat g/100: 5.8
Total Carbohydrate g/100: 3.6
Total Sugar g/100: 3.2
Sodium mg/100: 436