Black Eyed Bean Supergrain Salad

Black Eyed Bean Supergrain Salad


A nutritious medley of superfoods tossed with a Sesame & Ginger dressing!

One of our favourite creations yet! This supergrain salad is made with black eyed beans, broccoli, peas, carrot, quinoa, buckwheat, almonds & pumpkin seeds. Tossed with a delicious sesame & ginger dressing, eat this on its own or as a side!

Ready to serve and eat | Enjoyed cold or warm.

1kg of delicious goodness.



What's in it?

Black Eyed Bean Supergrain Salad

Black Eyed Beans, Quinoa , Sesame & Ginger Dressing [Canola Oil , Vinegar, Sugar, Soy Sauce , Pineapple Juice, Salt, Spices , Sesame Seeds , Garlic) , Carrot, Peas, Buckwheat , Broccoli, Almond, Pumpkin Seeds, Coriander.

Allergen Information – Contains: Gluten, Sesame, Soy product and Almond.

Minimum 10 day shelf life unopened and kept in the fridge.
Recommended to eat within 2 days when opened!

Energy kj/100g: 401
Protein g/100g: 5.0
Total Fat g/100: 3.2
Saturated Fat g/100: 1.1
Total Carbohydrate g/100: 10.6
Total Sugar g/100: 3.5
Sodium mg/100: 184


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95 calories per recommended serve.

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