Fresh To Go’s new, clean salad range is here!

At Fresh To Go we’ve been working hard to develop some new, fresh salads to add to our existing salad range. These flavour packed salads not only taste great but are packed with nutritious vegetables and good grains! Check them out below:

Get your five plus a day in one hit with our Kale Super Salad! It contains buckwheat, beetroot, carrot, kale, celery, red capsicum dressed with flavoursome vinaigrette.

Simply toss the ingredients together, pour over the dressing then the salads ready to enjoy!

Full of delicious Mexican flavours our Mexican Bean Salad is great on its own, with a meat of your choice or even served in a wrap or taco!

Ingredients used in the Mexican Bean Salad are red kidney beans, sweet corn, capsicum, onion, Tabasco Sauce, coriander, lemon juice & cumin.

Chickpeas pack this salad full of protein to help you stay fuller for longer. The Pumpkin Salad with Hummus contains roasted pumpkin, carrot, beetroot, runny hummus, radish, red capsicum, baby spinach and topped with roasted chickpeas.

To prepare layer the salad, start by laying down the spinach, then add the vegetable mix (pumpkin, carrot, beetroot, radish, red capsicum), drizzle the runny hummus across the salad, top with the roast chickpeas, then dig in!

Fennel Pineapple Slaw

Our fresh and healthy take on your household favourite coleslaw! The

Fennel Pineapple Slaw is a delicious blend of chunky, fresh vegetables topped off with subtle herbs forms an amazing combination.

This salad contains white cabbage, pineapple, cucumber, peanuts, Asian Dressing, fennel bulb and coriander.

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