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A healthy option for your guests. Perfect for parties, events, work functions, weddings and buffet catering!

Our Bulk Salads are perfect for parties and are the ideal accompaniment for any catering. No minimum orders, bookings or long term notice needed, just order through our website or over the phone before 8am the day before and get your delivery the very next day.

We can deliver to your home or venue, and our healthy pre-prepared ready to eat salads and fruit snacks will set your buffet catering apart. Browse our menus for party food ideas or give us a call. Enjoy!

 Quick Guide to Catering Quantities:

*please note that this is the recommended weight of total salads, not per salad! e.g. for 12 people, you’d order 1kg aioli potato salad, 1kg pasta salad, 1kg Greek salad.*
No. People
2 400g
3-4 750g
4-5 1kg
12 3kg
25 6kg
50 12kg

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