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Healthy Meals, Fresh Produce, Cut Fruit.

All Delivered straight to your door the next day!

NOTE: There may be slight delays in your order due to courier post having extravagant increase in volumes. Please be patient and understanding in these times.

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Family size – Perfect to feed 2-5 mouths in your household, or even for weekly meal preperations!

Healthy, Fresh and Delicious Salads perfect to feed the family!Healthy eating just got a whole lot easier with Fresh to Go’s ready-to-serve salads, fruits and healthy snacks, prepared freshly every day! You can even take full credit for them. It’s not just healthy brain food to keep you on your toes, it’s deliciousness delivered straight to your door!Perfect for adding nutrition into you and your family’s diet

Fresh Produce – Beautiful local vegetables and fruit delivered to your door. Perfect for meal prep, cooking & baking!

Fresh produce available for delivery

Staying at home should be top priority right now. Avoid the supermarket by getting our fresh and local produce delivered directly to your door; no contact necessary.We have unprocessed whole produce, as well as ready to use fruit & vege which have been chopped or sliced

Prepacked Salads – Single serve salad tubs, healthy snacks & desserts, breakfast muesli pots and cut fruit

Prepacked Salads

Healthy, convenient food on the go

Healthy eating has never been so convenient! Fresh to Go specialize in making fresh and delicious single serve prepacked salads that you can simply open up and eat right away.We also have vege dippers, breakfast muesli, cut fruit, raw juices, the whole shebang! Take a look through our menu – get your taste buds ready, you’ll want to try them all!

Fresh produce box


Check out our two produce boxes we’ve just launched this week!

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We only make to order! For next day delivery, orders must be made before 8am

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Fast next day delivery

Fresh to Go is easy, delicious and nutritious, because that’s how you like it. You get top notch, healthy food that takes no time to prepare. Simply pop it out of the bag and it’s ready to eat.

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Voted as one of the 20 Best Food Delivery Services in Auckland by Top Reviews! Check it out

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